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  Above: current hydro rates (excluding HST) for residential electricity in Ontario for those rate payers currently participating in Time of Use

 Below: Time of Use schedule in the province of Ontario.

Pareto Energy is your partner in providing innovative solutions to help you reduce your energy use and consequently your energy costs! 

What can you do to use less energy, especially when it's most or more expensive?

Information comes first, and understanding Time of Use is the most important piece of information homeowners must understand. You will find lots of free energy saving ideas and tips across our blog, twitter and Facebook

If you're compelled to take control of your energy bills, or looking for ways to manage your carbon footprint, the solutions are the same. Use less energy. Pareto Energy wants to help you with that, by providing a unique and growing portfolio of solutions that can drive meaningful reductions in energy consumption.

There are 3 critical steps:

  1. Commit to using less energy
  2. Collect data to see how you are using energy
  3. Make changes by replacing the most wasteful systems first

It takes efficient occupants in efficient buildings to make the most of your energy dollar. In the residential sector, behaviour changes make a big difference can cost nothing at all!

With information and introductions, Pareto Energy will educate you on new technologies and innovative new approaches to home and business energy management. Pareto Energy will teach you it's cheaper to invest in technologies that save energy vs. paying for expensive energy, or renewable energy.

We focus on profits, not polar bears because the green economy must be profitable if it is to be successful!

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