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Pareto Energy Network is your online source for energy conservation tips, technologies and product suggestions. By sharing what we know, listening and responding to your energy concerns (residential and commercial) we can help bring the best solutions to those who need them the most.

Why Pareto?

The pareto concept says that you tend to generate 80% of your results from 20% of your inputs. By collaborating on energy management and successful best practices we can quickly and easily distribute winning solutions to our engaged client base and drive significant savings.

Please use this information source and contact us if you have suggestions of how you have successfully reduced your energy consumption.

Look for us to roll out our product and service guide soon, starting with the sales and distribution of the PowerCost Monitor by Blue Line Innovations and an approved contractor list for the Waterloo Region in Ontario, Canada.

Who is Pareto?

Pareto Energy is owned and operated by Patrick McMahon, a Natural Resource Canada certified energy advisor (existing homes, new homes, ENERGYSTAR). Patrick is intensely interested in the opportunities that exist in the green economy. With the belief that the path to a sustainable energy future requires "Conservation, efficiency then renewables" he looks for ways to help commercial and residential clients add value to their facilities, decrease energy costs and purely by accident reduce emissions.

Patrick is a graduate of Wilfrid Laurier University with a degree in Economics. He is a soaring instructor, half marathoner, snowboarder, community activist and adventure seeker. Past employment has included a variety of fields including manufacturing in an ISO 14001 facility. He is business savvy and understands your focus is the bottom line.

Profits, not polar bears.

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The Pareto Energy avatar is designed to highlight the 80/20 rule illustrating a variety of partners contributing to a growing pool of information where the best successes are shared throughout the network.

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Pareto Energy is a wholesale distributor of the Blue Line Innovations PowerCost Monitor, if you're interested in incorporating it into your product or service offering, we would be happy to introduce you to wholesale, direct from the manufacturer pricing. Please e-mail Patrick for more information.