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Energy Prices are Rising!

Energy evaluations highlight cost effective upgrades that increase home value, decrease energy costs & increase home comfort.

The energy evaluation is a unbiased assessment of the home as a system. Efficient evaluations take place in 4 easy to understand steps:

  1. Outside walk-around - the CEA will get an assessment of the exterior features of the home; window count, air conditioning, external measurements.
  2. Interior evaluation - the CEA will evaluate the homes energy profile from its heating system, hot water system, fireplaces, toilets, ventilation, wall and attic insulation.
  3. Blower door test - the CEA will install a fan in a doorway and draw air outside creating a vacuum in the home. Measuring that vacuum, the volume of air going through the program and the volume of air in the home this test will determine the overall airtightness of the home.
  4. Communication with the homeowner - the CEA will discuss their general findings, outline opportunities in the home and discuss potential grant opportunities.

 The completed evaluation will generate an EnerGuide Rating for the home. The accompanying report will outline the score relative to other comparable homes and the potential increase in score by completing the suggested upgrades. The report will also include estimates of how much energy will be saved (as a %) by making the upgrades. The remainder of the report discusses common aspects and opportunities in the home and the custom notes from the advisor.

Some aspects of the home that you might consider upgrading can include:

Enhancements to your home made for energy efficiency accomplish three incredibly valuable outcomes:

  1. Increase home value
  2. Increase home comfort
  3. Decrease operating costs

Can you think of a better way to spend money in the home?

Pareto Energy endorses Energuy Canada Ltd as Canada's leading enegy advice service organization. With representation in 5 Canadian provinces, the highest quality assurance rates in the industry and the most professional advisors in the business.

An Energuy evaluation won't take much longer than 90 minutes. The advisor will treat you and your home with respect and highlight the most practical, pragmatic, economically valuable retrofit opportunities.

Mention Pareto Energy when you book by e-mail or by calling 888-442-9577 to save $50. In Waterloo Region, Pareto Energy owner Patrick services Energuy's business.


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