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A magnet that adds value to your customers lives


This high value fridge magnet is a must have for every kitchen or laundry room in Ontario households. If your business is providing efficency or conservation solutions this represents a incredibly valuable marketing platform.

Unlike traditional magnets, this adds real value to home operating and is regularly referenced before homeowners start discretionary loads (dishwasher, laundry, etc.)

Your brand will grow by being identified as a solution provider, a brand that understands the cash flow restrictions of Canadian families. If you offer services that can help homeowners, this is a very cost effective marketing platform you should seriously consider.

Organizations that should consider this advertising tool may include:

  • Home Energy Advisors
  • Furnace / AC Contractors
  • Insulation Contractors
  • Window Contractors
  • Local Hydo Distributors
  • Mortgage Brokers / Real Estate Professionals
  • Appliance Retailers

With two ad spaces available, there is a unique opporuntiy to leverage your B2B business. Here are 2 examples:

  1. Energy audit firms earn business through partnerships with retrofit contractors. An energy audit firm may buy one ad space and offer the other ad space to their contractors. Now, the energy audit firm is helping their clients book new clients. This represents tremendous value to B2B businesses.
  2. Mortgage brokers find success by partnering with realtors. A mortgage broker looking to earn more business from a realtor will buy one ad space and offer the other ad space to a realtor. This strengthens the partnership by adding real value to the consumer.

Consumers are demanding increasing value these days. No longer is it enough to bombard potential customers with your brand and your message and hope they will make a purchase. In today's market, your business gains an edge by providing real value. The Time of Use magnet provides real value through it's actionable, stylish reminder of varying energy prices, providing access to information and the ability to act and save money.

The Pareto Energy logo will remain on the magnet, driving visitors to our website where they can keep up to date on current hydro rates.

For 6 months from each magnet order, your company will be listed in our list of "Partners" which will potentially increase the ROI from utilizing this platform even more.

For more information including pricing, size, ordering, etc. regarding the Pareto Energy TOU Fridge Magnet, please review this document.

We encourage homeowners to submit photos of their fridge magnets and they can be seen on the Pareto Energy Facebook page. Again, more value to your organization.